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Public & Products Liability 

Public Liability provides cover for claims brought against you for third party property damage or personal injury. So, if you damage someone else’s property, or cause them injury and you are deemed liable, your public liability cover is there to protect you from any financial impact as a result. 

Products Liability provides cover for claims brought against you for third party property damage or personal injury. So, if a product you sell causes a fire at a customer’s property and you are found legally liable, the policy will cover the loss. Or if your product causes bodily injury like a face cream causing a reaction to the skin, again if you are found to be liable the policy will respond. 


Professional Indemnity 

Professional indemnity insurance is coverage to protect your business against third party claims including any legal costs for damages arising from acts, errors, omissions or breaches of professional duty. If you give the wrong advice, a simple error or omission could result in financial loss to your customer, tying you up in expensive time-consuming litigation.  


Directors & Officers 

This type of insurance protects directors and officers of a company from personal liability relating to errors or omission made in connection with their corporate duties. In some cases, directors and officer’s liability insurance can also cover any money that the corporation is required to pay a director or officer as the result of legal action. 


Association Liability

Not-for-profit organisations can be at just as high a risk of incurring a lawsuit as for-profit companies. Association Liability insurance is designed to protect not-for-profit organisations from liability incurred through the provision of services or the conduct of activities. 


Product Recall 

Whether it be products like food, beverages, cosmetics, electrical equipment, pharmaceuticals, or household appliances the product recall process is extremely expensive and can be highly damaging to even the largest companies.

A Product Recall Liability policy is there to cover you for the costs associated with a product recall:

  • Cover for the cost of withdrawing products off shelves

  • Cover for the cost of replacing the recalled product on shelves with ones that are deemed safe

  • Cover for expert advice and assistance on managing your brand reputation in the public domain. Product recalls are increasingly receiving widespread media publicity.

Product Recall Liability will look to significantly reduce the impact a product recall can have on your business. 


Management Liability

Management Liability insurance is there to protect the personal wealth of the managers of an organisation, as well as the financial interests of the company as a whole.  



The information provided on our website is General in nature and is not considered Personal advice as we have not taken into consideration your personal needs, objectives and financial situation. Talk to us about the best options available so we can tailor a policy to suit your needs.  

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