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Public Liability

Every tradie needs public & products liability. This will cover you in the event of Bodily or Property damage from work you have completed and results in an injury or loss to one of your customers. But what If you’re an Electrician in QLD, or a Plumber in Victoria? Does your current Liability Insurance have the correct extensions of cover for your Occupation? Ask the Team at Akupara Insurance Brokers and we can help you out.  

Business Insurance

Do you have a shed where you store your equipment, or a shop front for customers to come and drop of goods for repairs, whatever the case might be. Even if you’re a mobile Trades person, there still might be a need to cover your items for Fire & Perils at your place of Residence. Rest assured we can help sort this out for you!


Personal Accident and Illness

Most Tradies are a one-man band, so what happens when you get sick or injured and can't work for a few weeks… Personal Accident & Illness cover can be taken out to protect your weekly income and/ or assist with using the payments to employ someone to keep the business ticking over while you are off your feet. (Terms and Conditions apply) Again, talk to the Team at Akupara Insurance Brokers and we can advise of the best options available according to your needs. 

Tools of Trade

For most tradies, their Tools & Equipment of Trade are their livelihood. So what would you do if all your tools & equipment were stolen, or damaged in a Motor Vehicle Accident. Would you have the spare cash sitting around to go out and buy all the equipment all over again? The team at Akupara Insurance Brokers can assist in covering your tools and equipment wherever they might be located. Talk to us and we can help sort out a solution for you. 


Tax Audit

For most Tradies, the Tax man is something you only worry about a few times a year, but what happens when you get a letter in the post advising you of an impending Tax Audit? You will need to get assistance from your Accountant to prepare statements and help deal with the Tax Audit which could cost you an arm &/or a leg. Talk to our team about arranging a quote for Tax Audit today. It doesn’t cost a lot to have the peace of mind knowing you have the cover when you need it the most.  

Machinery Breakdown

So, you have your shed or Business set up with all the equipment you need to operate the business, but suddenly a key piece of equipment stops working and the motor has burnt out. Aren’t you glad you took the cover for Machinery Breakdown… or did you? Don’t get caught out because you didn’t take the Machinery Breakdown cover. Call the team at Akupara Insurance Brokers and we can assist with making sure the cover is right for you. 


The information provided on our website is General in nature and is not considered Personal advice as we have not taken into consideration your personal needs, objectives and financial situation. Talk to us about the best options available so we can tailor a policy to suit your needs.  

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