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The name Akupara comes from the Sanskrit or Hindu word for the turtle in ancient myth stories about the world creation. Across many tribal cultures there are varying parables told about the creation turtle. Each of them shares similar themes where the turtle carries the world upon, or inside, its shell to protect it while it is newly forming. 


We loved the creation story and all it represents. Turtle symbolic meanings and traits include – strength, patience, stability, longevity, adaptability, protection, nurturing and dependability. This ancient story is one of safety, nurturing and protection for the world while it was vulnerable and growing. For us insurance is all about protecting you and your story ... be it wealth, family, business or community. We are here to give you peace of mind and protect all you are creating in your world.  

Just like Akupara, we are here protecting your world.   


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Ben Taylor

Ben Taylor AR No 1277615

Hi, I’m Ben and one of the Directors of Akupara Insurance Brokers.  

Akupara Insurance Brokers is a Family Owned and run business in Noosa on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of QLD.  

We commenced operation in July 2019, and we are proud to be an Authorised Representative of Community Broker Network which is a member of the Steadfast Group Broker Network.  I have been working in the insurance industry since September of 1996. (23 years)  

I have a strong grounding & excellent understanding of Rural Insurance, Commercial Insurance, Business Insurance, Personal Insurance and much more.

I started my Insurance Career as a Trainee Area Representative with Wesfarmers Federation Insurance (WFI) based in Tamworth NSW and have continued to grow and expand my insurance knowledge.  

I learnt from the get-go that Insurance is all about providing personal service, delivering on your promises & going that extra mile.   

I have worked at many different Insurance Companies and Insurance Brokers offices and there is one thing that stands out from all the different roles I have worked in that so many Insurance Companies & Brokers seem to forget... “Clients value good old-fashioned face to face service with someone they can trust”.  

I am passionate about insurance, I have made the Insurance Industry my career choice and will continue to do all I can to help my clients.  

I am always looking for the best Insurance Products that not only meets my client’s requirements, but also fits into their budget.  

I will have the time and know how to look after your insurance requirements regardless if your insurance portfolio is big or small.  

Megan Taylor AR 1279047

Megan is Tier 1 compliant in Insurance Broking, and with more than 20 years experience in hospitality she knows people. Communication is her specialty, so getting to the core of your needs is her focus.

Megan Taylor

Backed by years in the Financial Services Industry and having run her own business (Cafe) she knows the importance of getting you the protection that you need for your business.


As a wife and mother with a sound focus on family, she also understands the importance of protecting what is the most valuable part of your world. You can trust her to help find the solutions that are right for your business and your family.  

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