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We can provide you with the following services: 

  • Help you identify and assess your risks and develop a proposal to submit to potential insurers

  • Advise and make recommendations as to your insurance requirements.

  • Contact you with our recommendations.

  • Prepare underwriting submissions.

  • We will conduct a needs assessment based on our industry knowledge and provide details of this assessment so that you are able to make an informed decision based on our findings. 

  • Negotiate terms with any existing insurers and with alternative insurers.

  • Place the insurances agreed upon.

  • Review policy wordings and obtain signed policies from insurers.

  • Confirm the placement and renewal of the insurances to you.

  • Calculate, invoice, and collect the premiums.

  • Prepare policy wordings and obtain signed policies from insurers.

  • Adjust premiums on prior year policies.

  • Review your insurance arrangements:

  • when you inform us about material changes to your circumstances;

  • at the time of any scheduled Status Reviews as agreed with you;

  • upon renewal of your insurances.

  • Facilitate policy changes and/or cancellations as per your instructions.

  • If required, assist you with any Insurance Premium Funding needs.

  • If required, assist you to manage any claims you may need to make:

  • we will keep you informed in a timely manner regarding the progress of claims. 

  • when we receive an insurer’s response to a submitted claim, we will notify you of the outcome as soon as it is reasonably practical to do so. 

  • if a claim is either unreasonably denied or reduced by the insurer, we will act as claims advocate on your behalf.

  • we will advise you if the insurer seeks to negotiate a settlement of your claim. 

  • we will seek your instructions before agreeing to any settlement, or compromise of a claim. 

  • if the insurer declines to pay a claim, we will explain the reasons for the insurer’s decision and outline what further steps can be taken, including steps to make a complaint. 

  • in the event you terminate our appointment as your insurance broker we will provide details of any claim(s) to your new insurance broker, so that they may continue to negotiate settlement, on your behalf.

  • On renewal we will take reasonable steps to contact you at least fourteen (14) days prior to your insurance cover expiry date to engage you on the next steps to be taken prior to the expiry of the policy. We will take appropriate, professional, and timely steps to seek insurance cover terms and conditions and advise you of available options (if any) for your consideration.  At renewal we may not seek alternative quotes based on our assessment of your current programme and market knowledge.

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