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  • Tania King

Freedom to Travel

Covid-19 has changed the travel landscape vastly. The ease and freedom that we once knew when travelling the globe has been forever changed. Travel insurance has never felt more essential!

Once upon a time travel insurance was merely a cover that we took out on the off chance we needed medical help overseas, or we arrived at our destination and our luggage arrived some place else. It was an after thought to travelling overseas, and almost no-one considered it when traveling domestically. Oh how the game has changed!!

What is travel insurance?

Travel insurance is designed to protect you from unexpected events while you are traveling domestically or internationally. It can help with the costs associated with an event like an illness or injury while you are overseas, or costs related to lost or stolen luggage; cancellation fees or flight delays. Some policies will even give you cover for pre existing conditions while overseas, so you can relax and know you have help should you need it.

There are various insurers that supply travel insurance in the market and a variety of different covers available. You need to carefully research what cover you need and then find a policy that matches that cover. That's where your Insurance Broker can help.

What should I look for in travel insurance?

Things to consider when looking at travel insurance are

  • hospital care overseas is vastly different to the Australian system and is potentially very expensive should you experience an accident or illness

  • What activities you are including on your trip? Some activities are excluded in policies wording or are optional extras - like riding a motor bike

  • are you relying on your flight arriving on time for paid events? If flights are delayed, will you miss the event and be out of pocket?

  • cover for cancelled flights and cancellation fees

  • What will you do if your baggage or personal effects are lost or stolen while overseas?

  • Do you have pre-existing medical condition?

  • If renting a vehicle do you have cover for excess costs in the event of an accident?

  • Covid-19 cover - what if you contract the virus? Is it excluded in your policy wording or does it cover necessary hospital stays, extra accommodation required, changed flights or missed events while in isolation etc

Covid-19 and travel insurance.

The list for travel insurance needs can be extensive and it's important to know what is excluded in your cover; what options you can add to your policy for activities you want to enjoy while away; if there are time frames that must be adhered to when securing cover - especially within the covid-19 travel insurance policies available. Some insurers need policies for covid to be organised a minimum of 28 days prior to travel for you to qualify for their policy. You will always need to check with state/ country governing bodies to gain the latest information around restrictions so you can be sure to discuss policies that cover any needs resulting from those rules with your broker.

Now start planning to relax and enjoy your freedom to travel globally again. Your broker can help you navigate the travel insurance realm, so you can specialise in enjoying that long awaited trip


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