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  • Tania King

Mother's Day

Mothers are our original insurance policy if we think of it. They have been our nurturing support and promised protection for centuries.

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They are where each of us goes in the case of strife - from a toddler hanging on to mums fingers while taking those first steps, to the adventurous child seeking a band-aid from mum after scrapping a knee playing tag; to the teen looking to mend their first heart break; all the way to welcoming the change from mum to grandma as we again seek our wise mothers help with the new addition to the family. Mothers are where we turn for help.

Mums are an integral part of our growth. They are our back up and insurance policy that we will be protected and safe as we grow into the world. Today we at Akupara pay tribute to Mama's everywhere, and explain how a day of celebration came about to celebrate them.

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No it's not a Hallmark thing designed to sell cards or boxes of chocolates, although I am sure slipper manufacturers benefit greatly from our day of celebrating the mums in our life. In fact, it is rumoured to have originated in Ancient times. The Egyptians held an annual festival to honour Isis - she was after all the most popular goddess representing the ideal mother / wife and was patroness to both nature and magic. Sounds like my mum - always in the garden and could magically fix anything ...hehehe.

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The ancient Greeks honoured Rhea, mother of Zues and mother to all gods who was patronised as the goddess of earth and fertility. Honey cakes, fine drinks and flowers were offered at dawn (well that explains the flower gifting). The Romans honoured Cybele, their own mother of gods, who was know as Magna Mater (greater Mother) in the festival of Hilaria. She actually got a multi-day celebration instead of just one day like our mums.

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By medieval times in England we had mothering day. Most professions took people away from their families and work required that staff 'live in' to complete their jobs. So Mothering Sunday was the 4th Sunday of Lent and it became tradition that working people were given the day off and encouraged to go home to visit their mothers.

The Mothers Day we have come to know is said to have come about during the women's movement in the USA. Anna Marie Jarvis is considered the founder. She was a Methodist who organised a 'Memorial Mother's Day Meeting' on the 12 May 1908. She dedicated this public commemoration to her deceased mother and all mothers who, in her opinion, did not receive enough recognition for their work and sacrifice.

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She worked with various women's associations to encourage politicians to make the day official for a few years, until finally in 1914 US President Woodrow Wilson signed a proclamation making mother's Day an official Holiday to be celebrated on the second Sunday of May each year. This was adopted by many nations around the world. This was the birth of our modern version of Mother's Day.

We still keep some of those long time traditions, just with a modern twist. Mothers Day is celebrated across Australia with Lunch, Hallmark cards and a bunch of flowers. Sounds very much like an Egyptian Goddess celebration of Ancient times. Maybe now our mothers are recognised personally as out goddesses. No matter where it originated or how you choose to celebrate it, it's a perfect opportunity to show our mamas just how important they are in our lives.


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