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  • Tania King

Yes, you need cyber insurance

There has been a huge shift in the world of technology since the 90s with the introduction of the internet. The internet has not only changed the way we find information, but how we shop; how we bank and manage our money; how we communicate with each other and how much of our private information is now shared with secondary companies. We have a digital identity which makes our life simpler, but at the same time it increases our risk to ever evolving criminals

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Smart devices are now a way of life. Essentially miniaturised computers are carried in the pockets of a huge percentage of the world population, allowing access to instant banking, purchasing, shopping etc. There is is so much convenience with quick easy access that smart devices offer us, But there is also a dark industry that is rapidly growing - Cyber crime.

What does cyber crime look like??

We are all familiar with scam phone calls that have been around for decades now, eg when someone calls pretending to be the ATO and threatening you with jail time should you not pay the fine right now with a credit card

Or phishing emails that look like your bank asking you to click the link and 'verify' you bank details and password, only to have the scammer steal money from your account

The new scams are less obvious and you may be completely unaware it has happened until its too late. Identity theft is a massive cyber criminal market. We have so many forms of ID given digitally to various companies or social media to verify who we are, that hackers are able to access our personal information and use it to clone our identity. It may not be until debt collectors start chasing you that you even know it has happened.

Ransomware is on the increase. This is where cyber criminals hack into computer systems and lock all access to data unless the ransom is paid. This affect individuals all the way through to large corporations. Small to medium enterprise is the favoured target - typically because they cant afford the cyber security that large firms can.

Social engineering is another huge cyber crime drastically increasing in frequency. This is where a cyber criminal hacks into a company and changes the banking account details for customers to pay invoices into. So you invoice your clients and they pay your invoice, but instead of the funds going to you, funds go to the criminals account

Tips to avoid becoming a victim of cyber crime

  • Use strong password. Do NOT write passwords down or share them with others

  • Use great anti-virus and anti-malware on your computers

  • Do not open unknown email, do not click unknown links or attachments

  • Protect your wi-fi, do not use public wi-fi - especially for financial or business operations

  • Never respond to emails asking you to update you user name and password

  • keep an eye on site like scam watch so you are aware of the latest scrams circulating (

  • Set password on devices and enable remote locking or wiping functions

  • if you suspect you a victim of cyber crime contact the Australian Cyber Crime Security Centre (

Get Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance is no longer a luxury, its a necessity. Cyber crimes are one of the fastest growing billion dollar industries in our times. You can take all the necessary steps to reduce your risk and still find yourself a victim of cyber crime. Contact us for more information. What this short clip on why cyber insurance is necessary in our modern world


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